About The Team

“We are a team of 6 women woodworkers”

We are a team of 6 women woodworkers who are passionate grain lovers. The Knotted Wood is featured in sawdust daily to build the best jewelry organizers! Thank you to everyone who supports our dreams of small business.


The Knotted Wood Started in March of 2015 as a side job making pallet furniture for me. The one item that kept selling was a small jewelry organizer with a few hooks. I took that as a sign I should make more of those and different versions, to give the people what they wanted. From there everything has expanded from my 400 Sq. ft basement to our new shop of almost 4,000 Sq.ft. From 1 employee at the beginning of 2018 to now 5 employees. I’m touched by every order, every person who has bought into the dream of a all female women run and owned woodworking shop.
If you would like to hear more of my journey listen to my first podcast interview with Natalie from The biz Chix!

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